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ratemyshoes's Journal

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1. You must submit your application within a week after joining.

2. Fill out the application clearly and coherently. If you can't be bothered to do this, you obviously don't care enough to be accepted (& iff yUU tALk LyKE dIS u wiL b ReJeCtEd!).

3. Put everything behind an lj-cut. If you post your application, and it's not behind an lj-cut, it will be deleted.

3. Use "hell on high heels" as the subject line of your post so we know you read the rules.

4. Do not post or comment on any entries in the community except for your application.

5. Your application will be up for 2-3 days before receiving a stamp. You must have 2 more yes's than no's to get in. However, stamping can occur early/late at the moderator's discretion.

6. Do not delete or edit your application once you have posted it. Period. Additional comments or information can be added in a comment.
Correcting spelling or grammatical errors is okay.

7. If you are not accepted, please, reapply in a week!


1. Be nice! I don't care if you use curse/slang words. Just don't direct them at anyone (in the form of insults, etc).

2. Put yes/no in the subject line of your comment when voting on an application.

3. Please provide a reason for your vote. Sometimes there really isn't a reason, so there are exceptions, but please try to do this so the applicant understands what he/she did right or wrong.

4. We are currently holding Picture Contests! The rules for these contests can be found here. It is not required to participate but it is highly recommended because it helps keep this community alive!

5. As members, you are allowed to posts text/pictures of anything you choose, as long as it has to do with shoes. Stories, auctions, new shoes, shoes you need help finding, etc. Please put large images behind an lj-cut.

6. Promote! You are allowed to promote your own communites but we ask that you promote this one as well, and provide proof (a link to the post) along with your community's promotional text/banner.


Your Mod:


See Members Page for list of members. If you're not on there and should be, let me know! And don't forget to participate in our Picture Contests! Winners are listed in the Hall of Fame.

Want to promote? Use this lovely banner, made by wontsayximsorry.

Click here for a list of promotional communities that don't even require joining to post!

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