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Picture Contest #11 (REMEMBER THESE?)

Theme: Best history.

This is a little different...this contest is based more on the story behind the shoe than the shoe itself...and because of this, you don't necessarily have to submit a picture. Just pick a pair of shoes that you had some awesome adventure finding/buying/wearing, and whoever has the most awesome story will win this particular challenge. You should all participate because otherwise this awesome idea will go to waste.

The contest will remain open until at least two entries are submitted, and at that point I will post a poll and you will have one week to vote. Good luck!
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these are my prom shoes. shown here when i was cinderella for this past halloween. the big story is i bought them because they had diamonds on the toes which made me feel like cinderella. they cost as much as my prom dress did, and they were worth every cent. i went cheapo on the jewlery for prom so i could afford these shoes. so it was only fitting that i wear them when i dress up as cinderella! they are silver satin sling backs, and they are just fabulus! i still store them in their original box with all the original packing materials so that they remain as pristine as possible
Cute! Thank you for submitting something...
your welcome! i try to be more active, but its hard with two jobs and being a full time college student